After many years brewing in kitchens and basements all across the UK, we finally decided to ramp it up and start brewing professionally.  We founded The Beerblefish Brewing Company Limited in August 2015. 
We spent the rest of the year further developing our recipes and finally went beyond the R&D phase into the commercial world of brewing in the autumn. Our first batch was kegged on the 24th October, and we enjoyed seeing our roundel on the tap in our local pub.


This year is proving to be a momentous one for Beerblefish!  After many months of searching, we found our own home in Edmonton, North London and moved in on 25 April.  Earlier in the year, we also found our own 5BBL brewing kit, which is currently being stored for us in a barn in Suffolk.  

Our new premises are essentially just an industrial box and we've got workers in at the moment to sort out the drainage and the floor, and to build an internal room to keep our fermenters cool.  Once this work is done, we'll be able to ship and install the kit and then it won't too long before we're brewing in Edmonton.

In the meantime, we're still brewing small batches in Bermondsey, and supplying a variety of pubs, bars and corporate customers with key kegs and bottles.  After much experimentation, we've settled on a few staples for our range and brewed a several different versions of them to get everything perfect for when we start in the new place!


The year started quietly brewing and working through winter,  we are now brewing 100% at our base in Edmonton, North London. We have the pilot plant setup to enable us to experiment, do one of brews and festival specials to be created. The brew kit continues to be added to and updated, and the brewhouse is feeling, looking and smelling like a brewery.

We have done a couple of festivals so far with more to come, thank you CAMRA, and now have our beer on sale in and around the Peak District.