Beerblefish Brewing is the brainchild of James Atherton, a software developer and keen amateur brewer who got good at it and wants to share his lovely beer with the rest of the world. James' aim is to give people a craft beer option that explores modern hops and grains but stays true to traditional methods. 

Beerblefish Brewing launched its first beer in the autumn of 2015. We were brewing in  shared co-operative brewery UBrew in Bermondsey, Beerblefish began brewing in its own premises in Edmonton, North London in late summer 2016.

Beerblefish Brewing is committed to keeping its beers vegan and we don't think it is necessary to include isinglass or other animal products in our beers - these additives do not add anything to the taste of the beer and simply stop some people from being able to enjoy it.

We are also conscious of the impact of brewing on our environment and we are always looking for ways to reuse our by-products, including our spent grain and our used hops - if you have any fresh ideas, please get in touch.


  1. james atherton in black and white
    James Atherton
    Software Developer and Avid Brewer, been brewing for fun since 2002, while studying BioChemistry and Computer Science in Manchester.
  2. Bethany Atherton
    Bethany Atherton
    When Bethany is not doing the day job in the City, she finds time to support James' brewing and finds things to do with spent malt.
  3. Magnificent cat
    Ozric Cat
    Ozzy cat as he is affectionately known is likely sleeping. When he is not he is guarding our malt store.